The Complete Biography Of Sam Loco Efe

The Complete Biography Of Sam Loco Efe…in his own words when he was still alive.

Biography Of Sam Loco Efe
Sam Loco Efe

Sam Loco Efe is one of the most talented actors in the Nigerian Movie Industry. He has for many years distinguished himself as a rare talent for both television and stage drama.
Sam Loco Efe; I am Sam Loco from Benin in Edo State. Many people misplace my surname for a Delta man. Efe is a Benin name although the Urhobo people popularised it. Efe means Wealth in Benin as it also means in Urhobo but it means Cloth in Ibo. My surname is fully pronounced Efeeimwonkiyeke, meaning wealth has no time limit.One can be wealthy at 90 when people must have lost hope. What actually happened was that my grandmother was having only female children and after so many years, she gave birth to my father at an old age and when he arrived, the name given to him is “you see now my wealth has finally arrived.” I later inherited this from my father as I was the last of my parents children and the only male child.

The beginning
I was born here in Enugu, but I spent my childhood in Abakaliki and a modest attempt at becoming an actor was what triggered my passion for the stage. There was a time, Government College, Umuahia came to Abakaliki with a production. We all got so excited and I said to myself that if these men can stay on stage before a large audience and render their lines without looking into any book or script, there must be something magical about it.
A few bold ones among us asked them some questions after the production and they said it was a matter of training and perseverance. So, when they left, I attempted a play that was larger than our collegiate level. I decided to produce William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. I acted Caesar and also directed it without any formal training.
Going to school in the East then was tough. It was not like the Western Region where students got everything free. It was tough for us, so my nephew and I alternated street trading on a yearly basis to enable the other acquire education. But because of the staccato arrangement, I must confess that I had to attend so many primary schools.
I was a very good footballer and so I went to almost ten secondary schools playing football and getting scholarships here and there and I was stubborn as well. As I was being admitted into one, I was being expelled from another.
Challenges in Nollywood
I can say that the movie industry began with genuine theatre and movie people. As soon as things started getting better, charlatans found their ways into it. In their legion now there are a mixture of purpose, some are in Nollywood not because of the urge to be a Thespian nor the willingness to learn but I believe that as time goes on, we shall flush such people out. This is a house I helped to build and it would be madness for me to allow people with no history to rubbish the much that has been achieved.
Story lines of Nigerian movies
I would not say that I am satisfied but I would rather say that I am happy with the progress made so far. Critics in Nigeria like to jump the gun. How old is Nollywood? We cannot deny that the story lines are getting better, even as we cannot deny that the performers are also helping to make things get better. However, there is a need for continued training by the stakeholders in the industry. But we shouldn’t deny that progress is been made.

Best paid job
I think Langbodo was my first truly well paid job. Being a national production we were well paid. I was being treated like an egg because I played the lead role. On screen, I think it’s my best paid job.

Veteran Nollywood actor, Sam Loco Efe, is dead. The 66 year-old actor died today on location, in his hotel room in Owerri, Imo State.


NOTE: This is from one of our oldest post, so the interview is not too recent but due to popular demand that we release his biography, we have no option but to publish this to our dear readers. Thank you.

The Complete Biography Of Sam Loco Efe

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  1. is a pity,it came as a shocker bt we cn do nothing nw bt ur legacy shall never b 4gotten.Respect to a born tym legend.R.I.P the legend in the making

  2. This is another loss for Nigerians and world at large. Some loco is a man dat everybody likes to see talking, he entertain us with his gramma making each nd everyone of us to laugh nd forget our sorrows. Rest In Peace Legend Sam loco Efe

  3. it a huge lost on both nollywood actor nd we d fans of sam loco,bt God knws y he took u away,jst rest in peace,we all luv u truely.

  4. it is a very big lost to all Nigerians but we must say may his soul rest in Peace we miss u the actor of all Time Adieu Late Mr Efe Sam Loco

  5. it is indeed a very sad thing to hear that sam loco efe is dead.wih just less than two months to the death of one of our very own christy essien igbokwe,nollywood has recorded another loss of a rare gem.nobody will be able to feel the vacum u in peace sam.we love u buth God love u most

  6. Mr Sam,may your gentle soul rest in perfect peace.I will miss so much but know you are in a better place and only God knows why

  7. We missed you but your acts lives on. The world is a stage, men and women merely players. each one does his turn and exits the stage and is heard no more.

  8. y so soon .u should have stay more for us, we missed u so uncle, may ur soul rest in parfect peace

  9. Nawa…o, oga sam ur death brought us nothing but sorrow, we pray God to accept ur soul. My dear Oga R.I.P

  10. “Death has killed many dreams” The sun set,when it was yet noon. Death, one of the overcoming forcess of limitation to someone’s life.Sam loco efe, the pillar of nollywood, ur acting cum words of wisdom has healled so many souls. ur name would ever be remembered from generation to generation. Ur death is painful but God cannot be questioned. May ur gentle soul rest in perfect peace……AMEN!!! ISE!!!!…

  11. Viewing your profile again brings my heart back in the days. May the worthy legacy that you left behind endure. Sam loco; Rest in perfect peace!

  12. It is only God that know why it happen. We love you but God loves you must. we will always miss you , until the day that will met again.

  13. you were a legend,secound behind Nkem owoh,i will always remember your great sense of humour and love.your death is a lesson for all that has a medical challenge,we are to watch our health closely and avoid any habit that may endenger our life.gone toooo soon bro sam

  14. Sam Loco has gone with his proverbs and vocabularies, while No body can question God about Sam Loco Efe’s death. Sam Rest in peace. Your memories will be remembered forever.

  15. The man that releases stress where are you uncle Sam? Life is a stage play, we all are actors and actresses Sam had performed his part, and he has been called by Papa God. We will always remember you uncle Sam for those grammas, funs, and songs. I will not stop watching your movie. Pls. to the authority of Nollywood just complete the editing of his new movie (The unknown Prophet) and give the proceeds to his family. May ur Soul Rest in Perfect Peace.

  16. i so loved ur films,d title ukwa.i so much loved d film,i can neva 4get u.u are a man dat is so funny,gentle,shap,I MISS SO MUCH MAY UR SOUL REST IN PAFERT PEACE,TILL WILL PART NO MORE.BYEEEEEEEEEEEE………EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.//////EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  17. hmmmm am in shot of word bt Is only God dat knw evry tin, so letz liv it 2 God bt b4 dat father of comedy Rest in Perfect Paeace Amen one luv .

  18. Sam, may soul rest in perfect peace, death is a pact we signed with God on the day we were delivered, may the almighty give ur people the fatitude to bear this great loss.

  19. An icon is gone,may his soul rest in peace amen,from silvawood creativity movie prod,owerri.details call director 07038935474 for film/musical video!

  20. Living while knowing the truth will hurt me even deeper, for now i will resort to condolence giving to the family and fans as well, Sam loco efe ur legacy will never leave ma mind……..Thx and R.I.P Dear.

  21. An iroko has fallen in nollywood,who will take ova ur hilarious nd humorous vocabularies,d role of ur natural talentd healing acting 2 heal hypertensive hearts nd souls its really a vaccum dat has no ocupant.samy we love u bt God loves u most may ur gentle soul RIP amen.adieu p a p a.

  22. It pain me when i had the news,i which i can turn back the hands of time.WE MISS U in peace till we meet to part no more.

  23. nollywood has lost a great comedian chei sam when i heard the sad i wanted to challenge a fight with the person that told me dat ,but i finally realise that it was true.sam no matter what u re still my fan and nobody can replace u in the role dat u plays in nollywood,good bye sam.

  24. in my land rep of benin people says that artist never die
    sam loco is no longer in this word but we shall continius to wash his films so he lives in our mamory
    you are immortal may your soul rest in everlasting peace
    amen ¡

  25. Chief Sam Loco, there is no doubt I as one really like every think about you. You still live in my heart and also in the hearts of millions of Cameroonians. GOD BLESS YOU!


  27. The great Thespian, no one can tell d kind of luv dat binds us 2geda…no one can tell. We feel thy lost bt we promise to move d industry further positively

  28. Sam loco we nigerians we missed personal me i wil missed u a lot wit ur jokes and big big gramers wic some of den are nt in dictnary but u personal formulate it and it sound sweet and intrested hahahahahaha mr big gramer i real miss u bye til we met again

  29. A great Iroko tree has fallen. Uncle loco, your death has created a vacuum that no 1 can fill. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace. AMEN.

  30. Am from Kenya and honestly till today i feel the missing gap….u made me find passion with nigerian movie…may God rest your soul in eternal peace.
    We loved you Efee…. may the joy and laughter you imparted in our lives be filled in your family that is left behind.

  31. no one will deny entertained our homes.we learned alot from you even in distant places like here in Zambia.we mourn with our fellow bros in nigeria.MYSRIPP

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