Up- coming Nollywood Actress, Derayo Adeshina says her boobs make men crazy

Derayo Adeshina

Up- coming Nollywood Actress, Derayo Adeshina says her boobs make men crazy;

Recently, we had an interview with one of Nigeria’s up-coming actress, Derayo Adeshina. She did not hide anything from us as she explains why men can not just let her be.

What motivated you into acting?
It started when I was still in the secondary school. I belonged to a drama group. Apart from that, what really motivated me was when I watched  Omotola Jalade in a  nollywood movie entitled: ‘What I Want,’ I fell in love with the movie and the way she interpreted her role in the movie.

Why did you  study Business Administration when you knew acting was your preference?
I went to school so that I can be exposed and  use my knowledge to affect my life positively. Right from my childhood, I never thought of working under anybody. I’ve always had the mind of being self-employed, which will translate into being a movie producer one day.

Are you  working on any movie now?
Yes. I’m working on my movie now, but I don’t want to say anything about it yet.

How long have you been acting?
I have been acting for  more than five years because I started acting while I was in secondary school.

Which part of your body do you find most attractive?
Should I say it? Do you really want to know? But don’t go crazy, I’ve realised that guys are always going crazy about my boobs.

What stands you out from other actresses?
Actually, people might not see the uniqueness now but very soon, it will be known to the world. I’ve got my personality and my integrity because I love to be myself and I’ve always been myself.

There is this belief that upcoming actresses do sleep around with producers and directors for them to get roles, how true is this?
Ah! me, I don’t know about that, because it has not happened to me.

Are you saying none of the producers or directors has demanded for sex to give you role?
I’ve never experienced that before

So, do you want to tell us that you are not romancing anybody in the industry?
That’s a normal thing but not to the extent of going to bed with them before I could get a role. So, I’ve never been harassed sexually.

Do you think you really have what it takes to be a super actress?
Yes, I have what it takes and like I said, I’m endowed.

You must have faced a lot of challenges, tell us about them?
Of course, like sleeping in a bar in locations, while the A-list actresses will be camped in hotels, but I didn’t allow that to affect me, instead, it makes me to want to do more because I derive joy in acting and it is what I’ve always wanted to do.

What does sex mean to you?
I don’t really like using the word sex, I prefer using ‘to make love’ because sex is too debased and sex is a game because you can have sex with anybody but you make love with someone that you truly love.

Which one do you prefer?
To make love, because I make love, I don’t have sex.

When did you have your first kiss?
I had my first kiss when I was in SSS 3.

Who made the first move, you or the guy?
The guy and the kiss was quick because I was really scared. My mum used to tell me then that if a guy touched you, you will be pregnant and I’m always conscious of what she told me.

Tell us your marital status?
I’m very single but not searching. I’m in love with my career for now.

If your husband in future asked you to dump acting, can you do that?
I can’t quit acting for my husband because this is what I enjoy doing and if he truly loves me, he will accept me and my career.

How do you cope being a student and a professional actress?
It has not been easy but I thank God for being there.

Up- coming Nollywood Actress, Derayo Adeshina says her boobs make men crazy – i’ll leave this over to you to decide if her boobs can really make men crazy.

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