Pictures from Mercy Johnson’s wedding

Pictures from Mercy Johnson’s wedding

Nollywood star actress Mercy Johnson married Prince Odianose Okojie in Lagos at the Christ Embassy Church in Lagos. The reception was held at the 10 Degrees Event Centre, Lagos.

Mercy Johnson, now Princess Mercy Odianosen Okojie and her team banned press cameras from the venue of her wedding, so these pictures are unofficial pictures. We would soon publish the official Mercy’s wedding pictures soon.

Mercy Johnson finally gets married after a lot of controversy, the Nollywood actress finally married her heartthrob Prince Odianosen Okojie.

You can view some pictures of the wedding below, we would publish more of Johnson’s Wedding Pictures soon. Enjoy…

Mercy Johnson






Pictures from Mercy Johnson’s wedding

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  1. Camilla chinasa ndukwe

    Mercy my baby, i am happy for u i wish you the best in your marriage, i wish you a happy home, and a baby boy nest year.

  2. Totobioto doglomabi

    nawa 4 u o na person husband u dey kiss like that? For ur mind now u don get husband be dat o hmm nawa o remember say u be woman 2 o bye 4 now.

  3. wina

    to be sincere mercy is among the best nollywod actress nigeria has ever produced.haters should go and die or better still hug a working transfomer .mercy i wish you a happy married life with three lovely kids.try and make ur marriage work.i will still love to see you on screen also concerning your profession slow down or better still avoid some certain ar a bundle of talent .great woman

  4. Pat williams

    Mercy,being just happy for u is an understatement.u can’t believe i do not watch movies u’re not part of.pls we love u,take good care of ur marriage.God be with u and ur husband.I love u!

  5. connie

    hello Mercy, i am one of ur big fans, sweetie, i am not surprise u wedded to a PRINCE, to me, u are a PRINCES from the first day i saw u on sreen, because u good at what u do. Baby, mariage life is not easy, but i know the Almighty God will see u through. may GOD bless this mariage, may he bless u and ur husband a lot of seeds, may u live to see ur great-grands,and may all ur dreams and wishes comes true AMEN.

  6. Diamond k

    MERCY, your wedding is absolutely amazing and stunning. You are blessed and your livestock will bear young (Deut.7:14). Still love to have more of your current movies in UK. Cheers!

  7. zita

    My 1 and only best actress nigeria has ever had. I’m wishing you a blissful marriage life. May ur marriage be bless with both male and female. Angel now dat you are married, let ur home be first and acting can come later. I love u.

  8. Ukamaka

    Mercy i admire alot,do u know dat u inspire serious minded in wat ever u do in life,be a gud wife to ur husband.
    Ukamaka blessing.

  9. Annet

    Mercy you are a princess i believe you will make him a prince. What a Royal family you gona make. In the movie” save the prince” is what moves me. I believe you gonna makea good wife and i pray your husbandloves and respects you coz you are a lady. GOD BLESS YOUR FAMILY.

  10. fitumi fatima

    am so so happy for u,u deserve to be happy.i wish u gdluck and happiness alwys cheerssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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