Biography Of Nkem Owoh (Osuofia)

Uche OgbodoNkem Owoh (popularly called Osuofia) is one of the gifted actors in the Nigerian home video sector. He is most popular for his interpretation of roles; a talent which has endeared him to the hearts of many people both locally and abroad.

Nkem Owoh is a Nigerian actor and comedian. In 2008 he won the African Movie Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role.

Nkem Owoh Osoufia was born in Enugu, Nigeria. After his primary and secondary school he headed to the University of Ilorin and studied engineering. Already during his university studies, Nkem Owoh Osoufia began acting in various television and film productions.

Biography Of Nkem Owoh:Career

Nkem Owoh Osoufia starred in the 2003 film Osuofia in London. He is also known for performing the song “I Go Chop Your Dollar” about advance fee fraud. The song was featured in the film The Master in which Owoh plays a scammer.



The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission and the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission banned the song. In 2007 Nkem Owoh was arrested in Amsterdam, Netherlands (Bijlmermeer neighborhood in the Amsterdam Zuidoost borough) as the result of a 7-month investigation by the Dutch police dubbed “Operation Apollo”.Nkem Owoh Osoufia was arrested while performing a musical show when the police raided the event and arrested 111 people on suspicion of lottery fraud and immigration violations. Owoh was later released.

In November 2009 Owoh was kidnapped in eastern Nigera. His kidnappers demanded a 15 million naira ransom. Nkem Owoh Osoufia was released after his family members allegedly paid a ransom fee of 1.4 million naira.

Year Film
1987 Things fall apart
1995 Ukwa
1999 Big Man…Big Trouble
2001 Onye-Eze
2002 Fake Doctor
Ifeonye metalu
Long John
Police Officer
2003 Anunuebe
King of the Forest
Lion Finger
Mr. Trouble
Osuofia in London
Police Recruit
2004 America Visa
My Driver
My Own Share
Osuofia in London 2
Spanner Goes to Jail
2005 Akanchawa
Bus Driver
The Prince
2006 A Fool at 40
Foreign Base
Made in Cambridge
My Kingdom Come
The Barrister
The Dreamer
2007 Battle of Indemnity
Covenant Keeping God
De prof
Johnbull & Rosekate
Stronger Than Pain
2008 His Holiness
His Last Action
Wonderful Man

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  4. I like Nkem. His movies address several social issues. He is also a great and sterling performer and entertainer. Kudos, Nkem. You were meant to be the best in Africa and beyond. Go for it, man!

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  8. U are indeed a mentor,luv ur style. The annoying thing is that u’ll soon retire, until den who replace u?

  9. Nkem, nkem, nkem! You are the best. I like the unassuming walk and the spontaneity. Wish i could see you in person. Am a Zimbabwean. +263712923112.

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  11. In fact, i don’t knw where to start! Bt i wll say u hav saved so many lives frm HBP Tro ur comic movies.I feel lik watching ur movies each tim am depressed. I pray God 2 guid n prtect u n ur entire family, amen. I just want 2hear ur voice. 07035013312

  12. Nkem aka Ukwa, the great Osoufia please visit us in South Africa, we love you here very much, I would have love it if you had colloborated with other talented actors in Nollywood to be spefic John Okofar aka Mr Ibu, and the two guys (Osita Eheme) and the Great one Sam Loco, I had just learned recently that the great one has pass on. My his soul rest in peace, however his legacy will remain with us for ever. You guys are super fantastic, you have natural talent if should compare Nollywood with Hollyhood you guys are the best I dont care who say what, your movies are not of high budget but they still entertain a lot that the hollywood big budgets. This show Africa got talent.

    Keep on procing lots and lota of movies guys

  13. I’m so obsessed in watching your movies. Your answers are on the tip of your tongue. I always watch the movie” Father and son” it tingels me. I wish to get a chance and do a role play with you. I’m from South Africa and I’m proud of you Nkem Owoh.

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